Payroll is an important part of any company, and at Pat Carroll & Company, we provide experienced and reliable advice on our payroll service, which we offer to small or large companies.

These services include:

  • Setup of employees and/or directors onto the payroll system and salary calculations.
  • Prepare Monthly or weekly payroll.
  • A print out or email salary slip.
  • Form 12A (New employee Application for Tax Deduction Certificate) completed for new employees who have not previously paid tax.
  • Assisting employees in obtaining PPS numbers from the Welfare Office for employees who have no PPS number.
  • P45 (Certificate of leaving) issued when an employee leaves the company.
  • Register your employees with Revenue.
  • Calculate net pay, emergency pay and holiday pay.
  • Produce and file Revenue Reports including P30, P35, P45 and P60.
  • Calculate redundancy payments, if necessary.
  • Advise on part-time working requirements.
  • Ensure you comply with the latest tax and payroll legislation.
  • Keep your confidential employee records safe and secure.